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By: SSwope

EVTA receives high praise as coordinator for LEO II project!

Leonardo Da Vinci Partnerships

EVTA e.V. receives high grade of "VERY GOOD" as coordinator of the just completed EU LEO II Partnership / Life Long Learning project: "Integrating Digital Resources and Voice Science into modern European Vocal Pedagogy."

EVTA received high praise from an independent assessor for its implementation, coordination and networking-communication of the above project. 
In addition, the assessor commended EVTA on the results and documentation of the project for having a high European Added-Value and possessing great diversity and sustainability in content.  

The project was praised  as "an exceptional and innovative project that was exemplary in showing how niches in professional training can be effectively used (EU Grant Programs). 
In addition, it showed in impressive fashion what a many-partnered Partnership (8 other member associations) can accomplish when E-communication tools are used in an effective and structured manner."

The accolades should be actively shared by all the member associations and those who worked long and hard on this project to make it happen. 
Well Done!!

Dr. Scott Swope, Co-ordinator for the LEO II Partnership Project 2010-201